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Barely-legal Asian model unable to give virginity away by email
BANGKOK, Thursday: A desperately horny 16-year-old underwear model confessed today to friends that she hasn’t been able to give away
Imaginary Lotto winnings spent on imaginary girlfriend
Programmer Alan Ko has mentally laid out a financial plan of action which he intends to undertake when he wins next week's jackpot
‘Gigli’ no better on Blu-ray
The high resolution only makes it's faults even more crystal clear
Trivia buff humiliated on popular quiz show
"I don't know what happened," said Sugden, ""My team, The Dukes Of Ale, always take home the $50 drink voucher at Trivia Madness down at the Oxford on Fridays."
Girl suspects Tom from MySpace not fully committed to friendship
MySpace user Emily Lee, 14, says she feels neglected by her new friend, the company's CEO Tom Anderson
Madonna’s African child shocked by Hollywood: “more starvation than at home”
The joke is that Hollywood stars are thin
Viewer still unsure if Mythbusters are gay
After two seasons of watching Mythbusters, Redfern woman Sue Hooper still hasn’t reached a definitive conclusion about the sexual orientation
Sensible cowboy hates being stereotyped
Appalled by the latent prejudice he encounters everyday, ranch-hand Jimmy “Montana” Pitt has launched a one man crusade against those
Dannii Minogue diagnosed with fake breast cancer
Hot on the heels of big sister Kylie Minogue’s diagnosis of breast cancer, little sister Dannii has released her own
Howard slams Reserve Bank for breaking interest rate election promise
The PM slammed the RBA for winning a fourth term in control of Australia’s monetary policy by pandering to voters