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Family viewing Game of Thrones awkwardly pushes through three minute cunnilingus scene
"We could have fast forwarded through it, but that would have meant making eye contact."
Millenial who doesn’t drink coffee wondering where their house is
"I gave up avocado and somehow am still homeless"
Trump reveals new head of the FBI
"Out of all four family members we interviewed, she was clearly the most qualified for the job."
Trump marks 100 days in office with 100th golfing vacation
"I've earned it"
A father’s guide to not looking like a paedophile at the playground
Fairfax columnist Kasey Edwards recently declared that she refuses to let any male babysit her children. In response, here's our top six suggestions on what NOT to do at the park if you want to escape chemical castration
Matching the right wine with your disappointing child
Parenting is hard. We all know that, and no-one knows it better than Chris Taylor, who’s never had kids. How does he juggle the demands of a high-pressure job with being a dad? Chris doesn’t have to
Astronomers discover fifteen year old girl is centre of universe
Astronomers at the Livermore Observatory have confirmed the longstanding hypothesis that local teenager Emily Gillespie is the centre of the observable universe
Second coming ends prematurely as Jesus killed in American airstrike
Jesus's father, God, and close relative, the Holy Spirit, have both expressed grief at the death
Dole recipient forced to hire secretary to deal with Centrelink red tape
A 44 year old Geelong man has advertised in his local classifieds for a personal assistant to help him manage the time-consuming administrative burden of his welfare portfolio
Shifty bloke slows down when every Holden Commodore is near
Darren just wanted to be sure the Commodore's antennas were regular size