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Shifty bloke slows down when every Holden Commodore is near
Darren just wanted to be sure the Commodore's antennas were regular size
Voice recognition software improves to 40% accuracy
Apple CEO Tom Cock said the implobment was ferntasic
Customers thrilled by servo’s “one for the price of two” offer
"Normally I'd have to pay almost half for these chips!"
Astronomers discover fifteen year old girl is centre of universe
Astronomers at the Livermore Observatory have confirmed the longstanding hypothesis that Coogee teenager Emily Gillespie is the centre of the observable universe
Tragedy in South Sudan makes great setting for novel
South Sudan’s worsening crisis is the perfect backdrop for a gritty, modern tale of intrigue and romance, reported paperback author Gary
Man dies doing what he hated most
A grumpy Queanbeyan man has passed away while double-checking the inventory log on a warehouse computer system. The man "died doing what he hated most"
Iraq just glad Republican President not liberating them for a change
The country has been overtaken by celebrations, marking the end of the US's terrifying campaign of freedom and democracy
Vladimir Putin sworn in as 45th President of the United States
DC Book Depository Offers Free Entry in Celebration of Trump Inauguration
"Be sure to check out the amazing line of sight we have, all the way to Capitol Hill"
Betty White’s stalker retires
"After 68 years, our relationship was starting to get stale."