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Socially responsible redneck switches to hybrid monster truck
“In my job, the dangers we face are very real. But no death-dealing machine has terrified me as much as the threat we face from climate change"
Inner-city resident isn’t hosting a podcast
McIntyre is disappointed to be the only resident of Australia's inner-city areas who isn't hosting a podcast, but says it's "just one of those things. Maybe I should do a podcast about it?"
Man quietly disappointed at attack-free September 11
Stafford berated ISIS for their continual threats of further terrorist events, saying they were "always promising, never delivering"
Mutant Ninja Turtles now experiencing mid-life crisis
The one-time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have spent their mid-thirties questioning their life choices of living in a sewer and eating only Pizza
Man quits smoking his own cigarettes
High taxes have successfully dissuaded Darren from smoking his own fags
Sushi train runs late and out of timetable order
The incident follows an horrific derailment at Redfern earlier in the week, which saw three victims sustain third degree wasabi burns to 70% of their bodies
Public crowdfund $160,000 to pay Barnaby Joyce not to talk about his sex life
Every Australian has been asked to do their bit to put a stop to this national tragedy
Image: Jesse Campbell-Brown
The Latham fix: How John Howard really won an historic fourth term
It's a little known fact that Mark Latham actually won the 2004 election - helped by a little team known as 'The Chaser'
Salim Mehajer faces court over what happened last time he faced court over what happened the time before that
A man appeared in court today, charged with a minor infraction that is never reported on, but is, in this case, being reported because it involved Salim Mehajer, and we're hoping for the extra click-throughs
Nationals enter bold new era under leadership of some guy
The new leader won over his colleagues by not having impregnated a staffer, not having New Zealand citizenship, not having accepted a rental property from a prominent donor and not being accused of sexual harassment