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Password tried again with number, capital
"Hrm, was it password, Password, password1 or Password1?"
Local man rushed to hospital after remembering calling teacher mum in grade 3
"He's having a cringe attack!"
Mosman camper accidentally experiences nature while traveling between car and caravan
"It was horrible"
Scientists discover parallel universe where USBs can be inserted after only 2 tries
"We hope to bring this amazing technology to our own timeline by 2050."
IT worker spends relaxing holiday answering work emails from different timezone
"It's just great to get away from the stress of being in an office and instead spend some time being stressed on the beach."
Plan to go to bed at reasonable hour foiled by lure of doing nothing in particular for 5 hours
"I've got some important Wikipedia articles about the history of corn to catch up on."
IKEA Introduce New Sofabed That Is Unusable as Both Bed And Sofa
"It's perfect for people who want to be uncomfortable in all situations"
“Laws won’t stop children being killed” says man who’s spent life trying to outlaw abortion
"The only person who can stop a bad woman with a terminally ill foetus is a good woman with a terminally ill foetus."
Joyce resigns to spend more time with his various families
"I'm relieved that I'll finally be able to spend more quality time with my love children."
Safety Warning Convinces Man Not To Drink Paint
"Honestly it's the only thing holding me back"