Angus Thompson's Posts

“Fraudulent bankers should be jailed, or made leader of Liberal party” says Morrison
"I don't know which one is worse."
Landlord hopes young tenants won’t decrease value of massively overinflated shitbox
"If the value drops below 10x inflation, I'm gonna be royally pissed."
Local Idiot Puts Phone and Wallet in Same Pocket
"It's okay, I didn't need to sit down today anyway."
McCormack Passes Final Nationals Leadership Test by Failing to Disclose Entitlements
"McCormack looks forward to reaching the everyday Australian, by wearing cowboy hats and sinking schooners in pubs"
Royal wedding hysteria reassures conservatives Australia not as progressive as feared
"Ah a reductive icon of our colonial past marrying, everything is normal again."
Experts Fear New North Korean Nuclear Missile May Not Reach White House
"World prays for slightly longer range missiles"
First Same Sex Proposal Officially Celebrated As Woman Proposes to Cow
"The wedding is set to be held on a very very slippery slope"
Harvey Weinstein, Rolf Harris and Bill Cosby to star in new remake of “Predator”
"The three were also rumoured to star in a remake of Child's play"
Australia celebrate ending only dream of perpetually war torn country
"Like taking candy from a severely oppressed baby"
“Women’s sport is irrelevant” claims man who still watches darts
"I only watch darts, F1, and occasionally ten pin bowling."