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Bigamist to appear in every episode of ‘Wife Swap’
A Salt Lake City man has had all 13 of his applications for the next series of reality series Wife
Singapore braces itself for onslaught of stern disapproval from Australians
The Singaporean government has resigned itself to receiving futile condemnation from trendy, Australian left-wingers for at least one news cycle, following
Schoolies celebrate end of studies by getting drugged and molested
Year 12 students have once again descended on the Gold Coast for Schoolies Week, the annual festival where school leavers
Viewer still unsure if Mythbusters are gay
After two seasons of watching Mythbusters, Redfern woman Sue Hooper still hasn’t reached a definitive conclusion about the sexual orientation
Student broadens horizons with GAP year at private school similar to own
As some HSC students banally weigh up the merits of studying at Sydney or Macquarie in the new year, some
Owners of Big Banana disappointed it hasn’t been named as a terror target
"What's the Taj Mahal got that we don't?"
Failed suicide bomber jailed: placed on suicide watch
Jordanian authorities fear that failed suicide bomber Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, who was taken into custody this week, may try, but
Lame satirical article labours point
A satirical article laboured the point yesterday, merely dragging out the headline for another 300 words, unconfirmed sources reported. As
Socceroos finalise World Cup preparations: will watch at beach resort
The Australian team are nearing readiness for the upcoming football World Cup, with most of the players having already completed
Sensible cowboy hates being stereotyped
Appalled by the latent prejudice he encounters everyday, ranch-hand Jimmy “Montana” Pitt has launched a one man crusade against those