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SADDAM CAUGHT: US promises fair show trial
[Edition 79] BAGHDAD, Thursday: US President George W. Bush has assured the world that the newly captured Saddam Hussein will
Lord Of The Rings over: Peter Jackson returns to homelessness
[Edition 79] WELLINGTON, Thursday: The world premiere of Lord of The Rings: The Return Of The King last week signalled
Gay man agrees some of his best friends are homophobic
A suburban homosexual has conceded that many of his best friends have a deep aversion to his sexuality
‘World Idol’ announced: winner to perform at World RSLs
[Edition 78] LONDON, Saturday: RSL Clubs and suburban shopping complexes all over the world are clearing their schedules in early
Disenchanted fan watches ‘Matrix Revolutions’ only twelve times
[Edition 78] SYDNEY, Monday: A self-confessed Matrix geek was so disappointed by the trilogy’s lacklustre conclusion last week that he
Amazing new diet lets obese man eat exactly what he wants
[Edition 78] Before he began dieting, John McIntyre weighed a staggering 120kg. Now, after three months of careful dieting, he
Make-A-Wish Kid wishes for death
[Edition 76] BRISBANE, Tuesday The Make-A-Wish charity foundation has been thrown into turmoil by 17 year-old leukamia sufferer Matthew Burn’s
Air-show tragedy: no horrific crashes
[Edition 76] GOSFORD, Sunday: Spectators were left stunned and there were calls forofficials to resign after this year’s “Air-Stravanganza” air
RIAA battles music piracy with lawsuit against 12 year old girl
[Edition 77] NEW YORK, Wednesday: The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has achieved an emphatic victory in its war
Man quietly disappointed at attack-free September 11
[Edition 77] ADELAIDE, Monday: Storeman Andrew Stafford, 49, has confided to close friends that he was “a bit disappointed” that