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Selectors drop Slater from Orange mobile phone ad
[Edition 47] SYDNEY, Tuesday: Former test cricketer Michael Slater has been dropped from the Orange mobile phone advertisement, after selectors
Yoko Ono slams Beatle death as derivative
[Edition 47] LONDON, Tuesday: Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon, has criticised former Beatle George Harrison for attempting to
Woman still not finished ham from last year’s Xmas
[Edition 47] ADELAIDE, Thursday: An Adelaide housewife plans to serve last year’s Christmas ham again, hopeful that none of her
Filmgoer upset to learn Lantana “not a forbidden dance”
[Edition 47] MELBOURNE, Sunday: An elderly man in an anorak was yesterday disappointed to discover that the Australian film “Lantana”
‘War against terror’ episode of Friends helps New York to finally heal
[Edition 47] NEW YORK, Tuesday: Former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani has thanked the writers and actors of Friends
Greens “quietly unconfident” of forming government
[Edition 46] HOBART, Monday: A leaked memo from a senior member of the Greens reveals the party is unconfident of
Patriot strikes back against terrorists with witty email
[Edition 46] SEATTLE, Monday: Local computer aficionado Jeremy Williams sent all of his friends an amusing photo today as part
US Defence Dept reassures Americans: “The President is not in control”
[Edition 46] WASHINGTON D.C., Wednesday: The Secretary of Defence, Mr Donald Rumsfeld has reassured the American people that at no
AMERICA PLANS PAYBACK: New Adam Sandler movie to be sent to Middle East
[Edition 45] KABUL, Thursday: The first signs of US retaliation were spotted in the Afghanistan capital of Kabul this morning,
[Edition 46] NEW YORK, Tuesday: Manhattan janitor Geoff Lahti has declared his decision not to attend work at the World